Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Phish reunion?

Emphasis on the question mark. Short article in this months Rolling Stone issue quotes Trey Anastasio hinting at a reunion. Phish recently got together for a lifetime achievement award at the "Jammies". (and I always thought jammies were what you wear to bed...) It's only been about 4 years when they broke up. I guess a little jail time and rehab will wake your ass up and make you realize what got you where you are. In some ways I wish they'd wait another 8 years for when my kids are old enough that I can be that old hippie guy who follows them around and sells cheese sandwhiches for ticket and drug money. Either way, it'll be good to have Trey back in a clearer frame of mind. When he's sharp, he's one of the best guitar players in the world.

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