Tuesday, June 3, 2008

People are strange

Somehow I've pulled it off.

I've convinced 27 strangers to come together for a ballgame tomorrow night and meet each other and sit together.

Perhaps "strangers" is an unkind word for me to use. (but strange may be perfectly apt) Although I haven't met most of the people before, I do have a fairly good grip on what type of personality each person has. And then there's the common thread amongst us all- we're all Phillies fans.

I've never sat down and thought about how many hours I've wasted reading and posting my opinions and crazy ideas over at www.Backshegoes.com and it's a good thing too, because I would then realize how pathetically socially needy I am. Nonetheless, these people who are all coming together tomorrow night are people who in some strange fashion my friends. Yes, I am admitting that I am friends with people with names like Woody, Vox Orion, Houshphandzadeh, LongDrive, PhightOn! and Tenured Vulture. What's stranger is that they know me not as Brian but as The Red Tornado.

Despite the fact that I expect some akward pauses tomorrow night, I fully think we'll somehow find our usual common ground of being a Phillies fan and the conversation will flow just fine. Thus I'm excited about going to the game tomorrow as I will be joined by my fellow sufferers who haven't seen a championship since 1980 (heck, half off them weren't even born yet!).

If you're at the game, look for our name in lights.


Paul said...

I drove for two days, over 1300 miles for this.

Brian said...

liar, you were already coming

Bucky said...


Ryan said...


Brian said...

10 dollars says Bucky wears a pocket protector

Paul said...

Thanks for putting this together. It was a great time.