Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When will I learn my lesson?

It's not the 1st time I've done this to myself, nor will it be the last. It seems that it has happened more lately against the Mets as well, which makes it sting a little more. I gave up on a game and stopped watching only to miss a great comeback.

Last night the Phightin' Phils quickly went to a 7-0 deficit against the Mets. The game is especially important as only a 1/2 game separates the 2 teams for 1st place currently. Well, somehow they climbed back into the game again and tied it up and then finally won in the 13th inning 8-7. Altho I missed the heroics (did I actually tune in purposely to watch Hillary Clinton's speech?!?!), it was fun to read Mets fan message boards this morning. The last 2 years they have lost some pretty big games against us, so it's always a pleasure to revel in your enemy's misfortune.

Their suicidal posts make me giggle with glee as they throw their best players under the bus and look for scapegoats. Despite Philly's rep for having tough fans, I think that it's the same no matter where you go. Fans are fans and mindless mobs are mindless mobs. Whether they root for Manchester United, the Eagles, or the Cleveland Indians, you're going to have some colorful happenings.

But, alas, who am I to talk? I can't even stick with a game when they start to fall far behind. Will someone please remind me of this post the next time this happens?

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Anonymous said...

The key strategy is to bail from games that they are LEADING, so you don't burst a blood vessel later