Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Okay, seriously, it's totally, ummm...like, annoying or something

I drive my kids to camp every morning during the summer and I've been eavesdropping in on their conversations. The one thing I've noticed aside from the fact that my kids really, really, love Pokemon is that their language is now becoming more influenced by their peers and friends than by me and my wife.

For starters my sons are using the following words at an increased rate-





or something

These are words that I'll use their proper context and not too often to color up my descriptions. So their increased usage is certainly not coming from me. I have noticed that when their friends come over that they are also using the same speech patterns, so it's likely that they are feeding each other the words. Usually their conversations sound something like this-

Gabriel: Okay, okay, seriously...umm...like Chimcharr is umm...like, totally evolving or something.

Jonathan: ummm...like Chimcharr is like totally evolving or something, seriously?

Somehow they understand their each other as the conversation does have a nice flow to it. It's like my kids have learned to find a way to annoy me without overtly defying my orders. I fear it's just going to get worse as they age and become aliens (aka teenagers). The texting will make matters worse as they will have yet another language to fool me.

Okay, so umm like seriously I need to totally start learning their language or something.

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JeffC said...

I'm just ummm...like curious or something...what did Chimchar evolve into? Was it:

a) Charmander
b) Charizard

(ugh...kill me now)