Monday, December 1, 2008

The BBC Reunion part 2- now in Triple Blogcast!

It's not uncommon when you have reunions that when you see an old friend that you haven't in years you recall the very reason why actually lost touch with them. You've either grown apart or one of you has changed or perhaps you just came to the realization that this person always was and still is a jerk. This past weekend I felt nothing of the kind and was left wondering the morning after why I did lose touch with these people in the 1st place.

and now the awards...

The Dorian Gray award, the person most likely to have a portrait of himself as an old man- Jeff "Movie Bill", I'm not gay but if I were I'd go for Jeff- the dude is a specimen.

The Steve Martin award, the person who has a full head of hair but is completely white/gray- Andy "The Enforcer", I wish he would grow it out as he would resemble Moses.

The Jeane Dixon award, the person who most believes in astrology- TIE Karen and Adam "Dr. Death". I always knew that Karen was delusional and believed in that crap but I had no idea that Adam did as well. I guess he's been hanging around those Hollywood types too long.

The Manute Boll award, the person who is a lot taller than I remember- John "Pretty Boy". I always knew John was at least 6ft, but he was clearly taller than me and seemed to be 6' 3" and I just don't remember him being that tall.

The Pied Piper award, the person when leaving took the most people with them- Karen, now that was weird. I know it was late, but right after Karen says she had to go, the remainder of the party attendees left with her. It was as if they were all going somewhere to have an orgy and I wasn't invited.

The Iron Chef award, the person who brought the tastiest snack- this one was shocking but I thought the buffalo chicken dip that Steve made was super tasty.

The wooden leg award, the person who really could drink- Bill "Merv" His drinking didn't even make him annoying as he clearly is annoying before getting drunk.

The tape recorder award, the person who recalled the most old jokes- Josh "Mad Dog", he always did have a knack for catch phrases, I actually miss that.

Best exchange of the night (that I witnessed)-

Andy- You had a big part in 12th Night

Jeff- I had 2 lines

Andy- At least you got to fence.

There were many other funny moments but that one will always stick with me.

Reunions are great when the people are great. I'm so glad to have these people in my life again.


Mr. Odney said...

Thanks a lot for re-enforcing the whole "Moses" thing.

I hate you and I've burned the photos....

...of our "Brokeback Mountain" getaway.

Josh said...

You must have been really hurt by the "Pied Piper" thing since it made it to both parts 1 and 2. It was 2:00 AM. I think it would have happened when any of us got up to go, the other three would have gone. It was just that the other three were men so we didn't have the capability of making a decision like that.

I had a great time and feel sad that it is over. I do hope we try to get together with much more consistency going forward

Brian said...

I wasnt hurt by it, I just thought it was funny.

Next reunion will be a pool party, yes?

Jane said...

Wow, you all sound like you had such a great time. I know how Jeff felt in his blog- on arriving at a school from somewhere new- I look back on my time at CRHS and I don't remember the school stuff, but most of you guys. Yr 11 (1988) was such a blast, that Yr 12 sort of paled into insignificance(mostly because I left 1/2 way thru and lost contact with everyone so quickly...I felt I sort of faded away from my reality..)
I think Sock'n'Buskin etc really gave us all a chance to be the funny, zany, wacky, weird and wonderful people we all were then. Its just so amazing that this modern thing called Facebook has enabled you all to get together. I hope you all do stay in touch, those memories are pretty amazing!
And, can I suggest? Pool Party becomes a Beach Party- at my house?