Friday, January 16, 2009

All by myself

This blog entry is being made from my office on a Friday afternoon. There are 3 of us who work here on a regular basis and one takes Friday afternoons off while the other had to call out today. That's left me all by myself. Just me and a few phone calls and the UPS man who dropped by to pick up some packages. While loneliness isn't a great thing as a constant, it can be relaxing and a much needed break.

Mind you, I would be pissed if I had a ton of packages to ship and no one answering the phones. But as it is on a Friday afternoon where it slows down, I am able to enjoy the quiet and get some work done and screw around a little. I can even rip a few loudly and not worry about the embarrassment I needed to.

Speaking as a bipolar person, it's tough enough to work when I have 2 other people here, let alone a big office. The extra activity can be over stimulating and makes it tough to concentrate. I wonder if I have a little ADDHD mixed in my brain, it wouldn't surprise me if I did.

However nice it is to be alone with your thoughts, eventually you start to long for some sort of social interaction. Thankfully I'm married and have two kids who just love to attack me at the door with everything that they're busting to tell me. I'll have to remember to enjoy that now as I know in a few years when they are teens I'll have to twist their arms and pull their teeth to get any information out of them.

I recommend that you allow yourself some "me-time" one of these days. Get reacquainted with yourself.


Lynn klaus said...

Wow! Me time on Friday....Me time on Saturday night......Me time on Sunday....and a wife having a nervous brake down.....How much better can it get?

Anonymous said...

LOL, Lynn...