Monday, January 12, 2009

I admit it, I'm a band wagoner.

This past season of football was kind of unusual for me. I gave up on the Eagles halfway through the season. The definite low point and when I really wrote them off in my head was when they could only muster a tie against the hapless Cincinnati Bengals. I refused to watch them after that. I was blissfully unaware of their failings and ultimate comeback after that. The benching of McNabb, the flogging of the Cardinals, the revenge on the Giants, etc, etc. Also, the fact that I had a Phillies championship helped nurture my lack of caring.

Over the weeks, I'd hear my employee, Rocco, tell me of their little comebacks and he finally convinced me to watch them again as they were in the lead for a wild card spot. So that Sunday I sat down and watched the Eagles play the Redskins.

Yet again they shit the bed.

They played just as bad as they did when they played the Bengals, so again I swore off them for good this season. I would proudly proclaim to my friends that I didn't care that the Eagles managed to get into the playoffs when they trounced the Cowboys and got lucky with a few key losses by their competitors. I told everyone that they were most likely going to lose in the 1st round. Last week I told everyone not to get their hopes up as the Eagles couldn't possibly beat the Giants twice in one year at Giants Stadium.

Yet here they are in the NFC Championship game against the lowly Cardinals- the only team with a worse record than the Eagles and someone they slaughtered like a turkey on Thanksgiving day. Looks like an easy win and an automatic Super Bowl bid for the Eagles, yes?


Don't fall for it!!

This is EXACTLY the type of game that the Eagles will go and pull a mind numbing choke-fest on!!

My employee, Rocco, keeps saying to send out the Super Bowl party invitations but I know better. The recent Phillies trophy has not blinded to me to what's really going and what will happen. I've lived through 38 years of Philly sports and I know that Charlie Brown never gets to kick the football despite what Lucy says or does.

And if I'm wrong?

Then I'm wrong but happy enough that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl to care that I was wrong.

HA!! Fool-proof strategy I tell you!

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