Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening day blahs (or Tom Gordon sucks donkey balls)

Yet again our fine baseball team, the Philles, had trouble beating their opponent on opening day. Despite a nice comeback to tie the score at 6-6, our fill in closer Flash Gordon started off his seaon with a 135.00 era and blew the game.

And it was rainy/drizzly and somewhat chilly.

You'd have thought that I had a bad time.

Not so, for starters, I was watching baseball and that's usually never a bad thing despite the outcome. Especially considering it's the 1st meaningful baseball I've watched since the playoffs. I also met a bunch of people that I've been having conversations with over the internet for up to the last 3 years. I met people who go by the names, Uncle Milty, meatball, Ramon Gris, and Drugs Delaney. I also met up with another guy who I play poker with but he also is known as seke2. Of course, they all knew me as The Red Tornado. We all post about our shared love for the Phillies on a message board called

It's nice to put faces to the names and opinions that I have gotten to know so well these last few years. The internet makes our world smaller and I met some people that I never would have without it. That's a good thing.


Bill B. said...

Whenever Tom Gordon gets shelled, he always has this deer-in-the-headlights look when Charlie comes out to the mound to give him the hook.

It's the only part of today's shellacking I enjoyed.

Brian said...

in the stands you cant see such nuances, only the carnage spread for miles