Monday, March 10, 2008

The Phillies are just plain tapped out....

I'm just imagining that the Phillies are like a hobo with his pockets turned inside out and his shoulders shrugged, all the while a violin plays some whiny and sad music.

Apparently, despite all of the pitching woes that they are experiencing during spring training, the Phils just can't afford another 4 million dollars for another starter that's readily available. (Kyle Lohse)

"We don't have any interest in him," assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said of the free agent, a former Phillie. "The fact of the matter is we may not have the dollars and cents to do something like that at this time."

The Phillies have a payroll that could exceed $106 million on opening day, which would be a franchise record. So even if Lohse is seeking a one-year, $4 million deal, they are not interested.

So I guess they'll be trotting out some really bad pitching this year. The Durbin boys, Travis Blackley and Rosario are our best options for the 5th spot (and Kendrick may be falling back down to earth, cross your fingers he rebounds later this spring) since Eaton is a lemon and I'm glad he'll end up on the DL anyways.

Here's hoping we score 12 runs a game....


Anonymous said...

Let us just hope that we get some help from the up and comers like Happ/Outman et al, and maybe a few suprises like Carpenter or someone to step up and be this year's version of Kyle Kendrick.

From what I've seen of Kendrick this spring, he won't be this year's version. But it is way to early to get awfully worried until we see how the season begins to unfold.

If the team is way under .500 at the end of April...then we get worried.

Brian said...

Jeff, you did some nice interviews with Jason Donald and Andrew Carpenter (2 Phillies prospects with some promise, I suggest everyone check them out either by clicking on his name or visiting