Thursday, April 10, 2008

I miss smoking today

Now before you call the anti-smoking police, I don't miss it enough to start up that stupid habit again.

It's been 9.5 months since my last ciggie. I certainly don't miss the constant hack that I had developed and I don't miss the wheezy gasps for air nor the lack of smell and the smell that perforated me and my clothes.

It's just that today is the first really super nice spring day of the year. I always used to love to go outside and enjoy the day and well, ....have a smoke. So, I guess it's not the smoking per se that I'm missing- It's the excuse to leave my desk or warehouse for a moment and go outside in the nice weather. Little 3 minute breaks while you're killing yourself with a cancerous inhalant are surprisingly refreshing. I suppose if I were to remove the latter part of the equation I still could enjoy myself, but I'd get strange looks from my brother.

Meh, who cares what he thinks?! I'm going to go take two 3-minute air breaks an hour today!


Leta said...

Years ago I worked somewhere where almost everyone but me smoked, so eventually I decided that I deserved a cigarette break, too, if everyone else was getting one. I just didn't smoke any cigarettes during mine. Enjoy your 3 minutes!

Mr. Odney said...

It's weird seeing Leta here. I feel like my life is leaking.

Brian said...

try Depends

Paul said...

Just tell your brother your farts are really reeking today, and you don't want to bother anyone with your stink.