Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The write stuff

I always enjoyed writing and consider myself to be a good writer. Not a great writer; I can't inspire or sound melodious or argue an opinion convincingly. But I might make you laugh and I can conjure up some good imagery. I feel that my writings are good enough to get an 'A' in an English 101 college class despite what Lynn's professor thought of a brilliant paper I wrote for her once. I was fuming when she got 'B+'. If Lynn wouldn't have been kicked out of college for getting me to do her work I would've stormed into the professor's office and argued for an 'A'. It really was one of the best papers I wrote, I wished she saved it. (altho, it wouldn't surprise me if my mother-in-law still has the Apple computer with the file still on it.)

Blogging has allowed me to write again and it fulfills me. I have no real deadlines. I can write about whatever I choose and I'm not being graded. Despite that there's no stickler of a professor with-holding a well deserved 'A' from me I do feel somewhat overshadowed by some of my fellow bloggers, including the people I link.

Paul wrote a wonderful essay about baseball's opening day. Despite the fact that he's a college professor that probably unfairly gives 'A' papers B pluses, I enjoy his musings and think he's a better writer than me.

Andy always writes some wonderful stuff and I really enjoyed his take on Facebook friends today. Andy is truly a creative force to be reckoned with, whether if it's thru his acting or thru his writings. I wish he could find the time to blog more often.

Bill knows his baseball. Bill can argue logically, present ideas clearly and can critically analyze a sports journalist's article thoroughly. You can pick just about any posts of his like this one to see what I mean.

Instead of singling out one of the numerous contributors over at the Good Phight I recommend that you read every post if you're baseball fan or Phillies fan. These guys know their stuff and I'll read them over the newspaper any day of the week.

I'm usually not one to argue politics if I can help it. And even though I'm libertarian I really enjoy reading David's blog. His viewpoint on Hillary's tall tales of adventure in Bosnia made me smile and I always respect what he has to say on the American political landscape.

I sometimes wonder to myself if my writings stand up to the same high level. I always have surrounded myself with intelligent friends. I suppose my links should be no exception. I'm proud to link them even if they do sometimes make me look bad.


Mr. Odney said...

Aw. That's too kind. I think you're blog is freakin hilarious annd well-written, not to mention consistent, which is more than I can say for mine. If I were a professor, I'd give you and A, but you might have to blow me first.


Paul said...

Thanks for the link.

I like giving good papers As, by the way.