Monday, September 22, 2008

The playoff tickets are here!!

According to the UPS tracking number I received from the Phillies, my playoff tickets are waiting for me when I get home. I almost didn't purchase them. The due date was the 12th of September- at that point the Phillies were 4 games out of first place and also 4 games out of the wild card race behind the Brewers. While it's true that the money goes towards next year's season tickets, I was somewhat disenfranchised about our playoff hopes at the time and didn't want the Phillies to get interest on me paying early for my season tickets. At the end of the business day I had a conversation with my old buddy, Jeff, on Facebook and he convinced me to go for it because "ya never know".

The Phils then proceded to sweep the Brewers for 4 games and eventually became the division leader.

So, thank you Jeff. I shall reward you with allowing you first choice of one of my games if you wish to come with me to one. (and I'll only charge face value too!)

The Phils haven't technically clinched yet, but it would take some extroadinary circumstances for them to miss the playoffs. Whether it's as a wild card spot or as the NL east repeat champs, the chances of them making the playoffs are rather high. According to stat sites like baseball prospectus, we have close to a 98% chance of making the playoffs. I guess it would take a collossal meltdown like the Mets had last year for the Phils to blow it.

The Philly in me knows not to get my hopes up again for the World Series, but the playoffs in baseball are often determined by which team is hot. The Phils seem to be heating up at the right time, so I guess you can say- "ya never know"?


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