Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy days and Tuesdays

Like the sunlight, the weather also seems to affect to my moods. A gloomy, rainy day like today always seems to give me the blues and make me feel melancholy. If I didn't have work responsibilities it wouldn't be that horrible. I'd just stay at home and listen to jazzy music or sad schmaltzy songs. Maybe I'd drink some red wine and heat up some soup with toasty bread. Small depressions can actually be somewhat relaxing as you aren't so high strung. It's when you start to revel in your own sorrow that it becomes bad.

The upcoming fall weather will create this sort of atmosphere for me almost on a daily basis. The trick is to be careful for when the bleak winter has made its way into my moods. Nice patio fires and cool breezes are welcome as it winds me down from an always intense and manic summer. In some ways I wish we could just skip winter altogether and have fall to spring to summer to fall again. I suppose that's what it's like living in the mid-Atlantic states. I'd move there if it weren't for all the right wing republicans and annoying country music and accents.

The fall, of course, also provides more sleep for me. Aside from the summer humidity causing my underwear to stick to my hind quarters, the cool breezes of fall and shorter days allow me to have longer and more restful sleep. It's what my wife and I call, "sleepin' weather". The ability to cuddle up in your blanket or with each other makes you feel more cozy and sleepy. It's a shame my wife works nights or else I'd pop in a dvd tonight after the kids go to bed and get all nuzzled with her on the couch.

The dampening of my thoughts is a good thing I guess, if I can just get past the blues. In some ways this blog has been therapeutic as I can talk about such things. Expressing my feelings is one way to have a release. Even if I'm not talking to anyone in particular but empty cyberspace, it helps me organize my thoughts enough to be in touch with what's happening to me. That's half the battle, really.

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jeff cothren said...

I was concerned when I read this, but it seems you have grasped your mood well, so not to worry.
You're right about therapy - something about writing the word is soothing and leads to understanding.
Good luck with the Phillies tickets...