Monday, October 6, 2008

Around the world in 80 minutes

My Oktoberfest party was a lot of fun. Lots of beer and sausage were consumed as the German tradition dictates. The pumpkin ale was somewhat disappointing. The beer itself wasn't that bad, but I thought it would taste, well...more pumpkiny. It had a nutmeg smell but no real spicy taste nor any real pumpkin flavoring. The Sam Adams Octoberfest was great as always and the Long Trail was some really good stuff. My friend Nicole brought some Magic Hat as well so there was enough beer to get me intoxicated to say the least.

The sausage was also great, especially the veal sausage. We got it from Illg's meats and it was mind blowingly good. I did purchase way too much strudel so I had to push it on people as they were leaving. With all of those elements and add the fact that my name is Klaus, the party was certainly very German. However, as the party started to wind down to a small handful of people, for some strange reason we experienced more of an Asian flavor.

My friend, Karen, doesn't eat red meat so I can only assume she getting hungry considering we didn't offer much in the way of vegetarian or poultry. She was asking me during a conversation (and I was already quite drunk at this point) where I get my Sushi from. I informed her of Eastern Dragon, the Chinese/Japanese place down the road from us and how their Volcano roll is amazing. Lynn even added her 2 cents and recommended the New Ware Roll. Before you know it, we were ordering delivery of 3 plates of sushi. (Crazy tuna to round out the trio)

As we waited for the delivery, I began to straighten up the place a bit. I found out later that Karen was leading my wife, Karen's friend, and my wife's co-worker in different yoga poses. It later led to us devouring the sushi in no time and eventually everyone was playing Wii tennis and bowling. Thus, we added some Indian and Japanese culture to the party to make it an Eurasian experience.

If you couldn't make it this year then hopefully we'll see you next year. Unless, of course, we both die in a horrible plane crash. In which case- hold an Oktoberfest party in our honor.


Lynn Klaus said...

It's called Eastern Dragon not Emerald Dragon. Where did the Indian come from? Is that what yoga is? I thought it was Chinese.

Brian said...

Right you are sweetheart about the place name, I'll correct it now.
Yoga did originate in India- think of the weird long names for the poses, they're all Indian names. (like Paschimottanasana)