Thursday, October 2, 2008

See C.C., si? No

Had a great time at the game yesterday despite some nasty weather and getting rained on for a few innings. Cole Hamels lived up to his website and pitched just about as good as you can pitch. It may have been the best Phillies' pitching performance in a playoff game including some great ones pitched by Carlton and Schilling. There wasn't much offense aside from a nice 3 run inning that was somewhat lucky (a few dropped balls by the Brewers). Plus it was a gut wrenching 9th inning to watch as Lidge was unusually unstable, although, he did manage to strike out the side. No matter how the outcome was reached, I was a happy man as it was the 1st playoff win by the Phightins since 1993.

Today, we get see which Brett Myers shows up. Brett had an awful first half that led him to a stint in the minor leagues for a few starts. When he came back he pitched better than ever and then had a few shaky games in his last two starts. I'm also nervous due to the fact that C.C. Sabbathia is starting for the Brewers. C.C. has been dominating since being traded from the Indians and was the main reason that the Brewers reached the post season despite their best efforts to fall short of the flailing Mets. The good news is that C.C. has pitched 4 times in the last 12 days. Not a good thing for a staters in today's baseball. Hopefully the Phils can make him throw alot of pitches and get their way to the soft buillpen that the Brewers sport.

Due to a mix up when I was purchasing playoff tix (I got an extra set of game 5 tix instead of getting a set for game 2) I am not attending this game. The bright side is that there's a chance that the game will be over by the time the Vice-presidential debate starts at 9pm. And I do love a good train wreck.

Here's hoping for win #2!


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jeff cothren said...

Now I understand the train wreck remark.