Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't cry over spoiled milk.

One of the things about being married for over 10 years and being together for 14 years total is that you tend to get annoyed by stupid shit that your spouse does without fail. I know for a fact that I am guilty of my own transgressions so please don't think that I think I am without sin. My concept of what is "on time" bugs the crap out of Lynn as I get antsy if we aren't 15 minutes early to everything. I leave my dirty socks in the living room at the end of the night and I'm lazy when it comes to emptying the ice cube trays and refilling them. Lynn's quirk is that she always forgets to put dairy products back into the fridge.

Perhaps she forgets to put other things back into the fridge and I tend to only notice the butter, margarine, creamer, milk, cheese and sour cream more often since it is more apt to spoil after being out of the fridge. Perhaps, she's being passive aggressive and knows that it annoys me and she does it on purpose. I am of the theory that the dairy turns invisible to her eyes only after it is used. It could be the only logical explanation.

Don't think I'm joking about this. It may not turn physically invisible, but it could be a mental block for her. The occurrence of her leaving the dairy out has increased exponentially in the past 2 years. After dinner, it is my job to clean up since she does the majority of the cooking. At that point, I'll see the half and half or heavy cream sitting out on the counter that she used to make the chowder. Or it could be the margarine that she used to grease the pan that's sitting out and it's turned all soft. The worst is when she uses dairy for her own use and I am not there to clean it up. Sometimes, I'll venture into the kitchen for a snack and see that the cream cheese has been out for 3 hours.

Little annoyances like this are just that, little. But when your mood turns sour as the milk in my house and you get into a snit with the wife, the gauntlet is thrown down and you start to jab each other with insensitive comments about their stupid habits. "Well, at least I'm not poisoning our children with moldy cheese!" is a reply I might've used during a recent argument. All of the little annoyances you ignore over the years tend to fester inside and build up and get thrown into that hum dilly of an argument you have about 3 times a year. Then you and your spouse tend to do your best to correct the behavior for about a month until you slip back into old habits again.

At least the government sets price controls on dairy so if the milk does spoil we aren't losing much money. Again, I stress that this is no big deal. It's just funny that we can get so upset over stupid shit like this. It shows that the quality of our life is pretty good that dirty socks and warm butter is enough to throw you for a loop. It's the relative nature of things and it's a sign that things are pretty good if the worst to be upset over is spoiled milk.


Lynn said...

I think some people are a little insane. Of course I do it on purpose it has brought you to this point hasn't it?

jeff cothren said...

Like you said, if it's just the milk, you're in great shape.