Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeding all my addictions at once

Last night I got to watch the Phillies win their first NL Pennant in 15 years and win some decent scratch at a poker game at the same time, not to mention I also got to drink some decent beer. The only thing missing was getting a BJ under the table. (and since Lynn reads this, I'll say that I wish it was her) Usually, I wouldn't mix everything up like that. Especially considering you need to concentrate to play poker effectively. But I was going to miss this month's tournament and was jonesing for some poker in a bad way. I am glad I went as the deck was hitting me hard in a good way most of the night.

You don't need to concentrate all that much when you flop trips 3 times in an hour, get the nut flush, recieve pocket Aces once and Kings twice. You basically put the money in the middle and hope that your hand holds up, which it did repeatedly last night. I would have been an even bigger winner had I not run into a few cooler spots towards the end. Nonetheless, I had managed to fold my way out of those spots, which is a good thing as I minimized my losses. I admit at times when I'm stuck or just break even for the night I'm more apt to call with weaker holdings out of frustration and/or boredom.

One of the funnier moments came when the host, "Lottery Larry", wasn't paying attention to the game and looked up while they were replaying Shane Victorino's grand slam in the divisional series 2 weeks ago. He pumped his fist and clapped his hand and let out a loud, "Yes! Home run!!" We all then laughied at his misunderstanding. I suppose the fact that the Phillies were in their home white uniforms and the Brewers being on the field didn't tip him off as to the fact it was a replay/flashback. Of course this led to some teasing the rest of the night. Everytime Fox would show a flashback we would scream something like, "Hey Larry! Look Dave Hollins hit a home run against Greg Maddux! Greg looks like he lost some weight!" or "Oh NO! Kirk Gibson hit a home run to win the game!!" Even when they weren't playing flashback clips we still made jokes like Del Ennis had hit a homer while he the TV went black and white.

Men are brutal, one sign of weakness and the rest of the pack will pounce.

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