Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now serving at Oktoberfest

My wife and I had a fun fall party last year and we've decided to do it again this year. It will most likely become an annual event. Although, as my father gleefully points out our error, Oktoberfest in Germany is actually held in September. Thus, this year we are having it closer to the beginning of the month for more authenticity. Nevertheless, most of my friends are Jewish and they have no clue anyways. We'll be serving plenty of sausages (aka "traif") and I will have lots of beer available-

In bottles, I have a fall variety pack of Long Trail beers. Long Trail is an excellent brewery located in Vermont. The variety pack includes: Long Trail Ale, Traditional IPA, Blackberry Wheat (I'm looking forward to trying that one), and their Harvest beer. We'll also have some leftover Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer.

Harvest beer is probably the same thing as the Octoberfest beers you see all over the place now. A nice rich lager with caramel flavors and a spicy aftertaste. Which brings us to what's on tap...

I have 2 sixthles on tap. The first is a must for this time of year and is one of my all time favorite beers, Sam Adams Octoberfest. This year's brew is especially nice and goes down easy.
I also have taken a step on the wild side and decided to go crazy, I have a kegful of Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale. Hopefully, it goes over well tonight or else I might be stuck drinking pumpkin pie for a month.

I almost got a keg of the new Budweiser American Ale. They had some to sample at the beer store yesterday and I was really surprised as to how good it was. If you get a chance to get some in a bar, I recommend it. Of all the big breweries, I think Bud and Michelob does the best job of making mass produced beer. I'll still always prefer microbreweries, but their small inroads into the profits of the big breweries has caused them to start making some decent stuff. Competition is always a good thing.

For those who couldn't make it to the party this year, I say, "Too bad, you're going to miss a good time and hopefully we'll see you next year!". For those of you who I will see tonight, I say, "PARTY!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! GO PHILS!!!"

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