Thursday, October 9, 2008

I like being the underdog even though we're the better team

If you were to listen to the national media, you'd start thinking that the Phils aren't the favorites against the Dodgers. They cite that the Dodgers are much better since getting Manny. They hype up the hot finish that the Dodgers had. They bring up the daunting pitching staff as well. Well, all of those statements are true and that's why most "experts" seem to be picking the Dodgers.

But hold on a second...

For some reason they are overlooking a few facts about the Phillies.

As The Good Phight points out, the Phillies...

1) Have a better record than the Dodgers since they got Manny.
2) Finished the season much stronger.
3) Have an even hotter hitter in Ryan Howard
4) And their pitching is actually BETTER on the road than the Dodgers (as the Dodgers have an extreme pitcher favoring park)

Aside from Rob Neyer, who even refers to the Good Phight article, the Phillies just don't seem to be getting any respect nationally. Which is fine by me. The national press is lazy and usually gets it wrong. They run with hype instead of taking the time to look at reality.

I know that the Dodgers won't be push overs and the Phils most certainly could lose as it's just a best of 7 game series. (luck plays a bigger factor in short term results- the poker player in me knows this) But, don't worry about the big bad Dodgers, the Phils are a better team right now and have a better chance to win this.

We get the best of both worlds, we get to be the inspiring underdogs and the favorites at the same time. So when we win, we'll be the hyped team in the World Series.

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