Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Found out that the wife is reading my blog.

My lovely bride, Lynn, usually doesn't go near the computer all that much. So, when I told her proudly the other day that I am now a blogger, I had no idea that she'd actually read it. I mean, she puts up with my crazy almost 24/7 as it is, why add more Brian into her life? Of course, the first thing she noticed is that when I described my interests, I listed her last and after the dogs. While my wife doesn't wag her butt when I come home (well most days anyways), I do prefer her over the dogs. If I was forced to choose and had to take either Sammy or her to the vet to be put down, I can claim with complete confidence that I'd take my faithful cocker spaniel to the vet instead of her. Now if that isn't love, then what is?

But alas, fun's over guys. No stories of my all night benders with hookers, sluts and strippers. No talking about how I'd give away my kid's college tuition fund to have Jessica Alba sit on my face. (she still hasn't answered my emails) No naked pictures of my many girlfriends. No erotic tales of my days in the porn industry. Only blog after blog about how lovely my wife is and how I adore her so.

I wonder if I can be honest about my mother-in-law?


Chris said...

Dude. You suck.

Paul said...

When I told my wife to read my blog, she gave me that sad look that wives give when you're doing something stupid and she knows she can't stop you.