Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Toy packaging -WTF?!

It seems every year it gets worse. The amount of twisty ties, plastic enclosures, tape and yes, even phillips head screws that the toy manufacturers use is going beyond annoying. My son's Star Wars Transformers action figures were entombed in a plastic mold and they used these stupid polyurethane bands to keep you from pulling the figure out from it's plastic mold and this was after you untwisted 20 twisty ties! By far the worst this year was the V-bot (a really cool remote control car that transforms into a dancing robot at the push of a button). Not only did you have the ties, the bands, the plastic molds and the tape, but I had to use a phillips head screwdriver to unscrew some screws that were binding hard plastic molds to keep the robot stuck to the super thick cardboard backing. I think I spent more time unwrapping my kid's toys from the boxes than I did drinking this year. That's not a good thing- I had to deal with my in-laws later in the day.


Major Otis said...

A valid complaint, but it takes me even longer to actually transform them than it does to free them from their packaging. Bonus: both activities count as household chores. "I can't fold the laundry right now, our son needs me to transform this guy for him."

Brian said...

Sadly, my son does a better job of transforming the toys than I do- The V-bot, however, transforms on its own.