Friday, December 28, 2007

Trapped in Nashville

Was booking my trip for a trade show coming up in February today. I've been to Nashville twice before so I have no real desire to stay longer than I have to. The show ends at 2pm on a Saturday and I'll have to wait for the exposition union workers to deliver my crate which can take up to 2 hours. So realistically, the latest I can book a flight is 6pm.

I make the hotel reservations and then went to look for flight info.

There are no flights leaving Nashville after 5pm that get to Philadelphia in a reasonable time or isn't super-expensive!!

So now I'm stuck in Nashville an extra night and won't be able to fly out until the next morning. Nothing personal against Nashville, but it's a boring place if you don't like country music. They have a mall on the hotel property and some restaurants and bars but nothing else and nothing worth traveling to see. No poker either! (I know, I know- how do people even survive living in the middle of the south?)

Hopefully the strip bar scene is good.

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