Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking back or forwards?

As the countdown clocks are all ticking down towards the new year some of us like to take a look back at the year that was while others like to look forward at the year that could be. Sure, sure, I know you need to know your history to predict the future more accurately, but most of us are either rubber-neckers or tunnel visioned at heart.

Personally, I couldn't stomach another top ten list, but I still find myself looking back quite a bit- The first Phillies playoff game in 14 years was a blast. I've reconnected with a few old friends I haven't been in touch with for a while. I quit smoking. Gabe can ride a bike and started 1st grade. Jonathan continues to amaze me with his artistic skills and his empathetic demeanor. I had a great year at the poker table. The refinished basement that my wife put together almost by herself is awesome and we have new floors.

If I had to look ahead, I can see that there are things to look forward to experiencing. The best thing is that my lovely wife and I will have our 10th anniversary this May. While I'll save the ooey gooey love stuff for later, I am excited as we are taking a trip to San Francisco and the Napa Valley for the celebration- and NO KIDS!! I'm excited for another year of the Phillies, despite the fact that it's been somewhat of a disappointing off-season so far. I have upgraded my Sunday plan seats and have better seats and now I can take the whole family instead of just 2 of us. Dan Harrington's new book on cash game poker is coming out soon. The scariest part is that my 20 year reunion for high school is this year. Yup, Ive been out of school longer than I've been in school- yikes!

I guess that's why I'm a rubber-necker- the new year is just another reminder that I'm an old fart and I'm another year closer to being even more unhip than I previously was.

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