Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm a bullet in the war on Christmas

I'm an atheist.

There, I said it.

Not a wishy-washy agnostic nor a non-practicing Christian, I'm full out non-believer in God, Jesus, the devil, Allah, Buddha, Shinto, Vishnu and Zues. (I hope the Boy Scout council doesn't read this and take my Eagle badge away.)

Yet I celebrate Christmas.

I would even say that I revel in it.

Can't say I have any nativity scenes in my front yard, but I will admit I like Josh Groban's version of O' Holy Night. It doesn't move me spiritually, I just think he can hit those high notes well. The commercialism of Christmas is a wonderful thing, I love Santa, presents, lights, wrapping paper, ham and turkey dinners, candy canes, cookies, and cheesy clay-mation. I love watching the kids get excited over their Ben Ten, Pokemon, and Nintendo DS toys that I worked hard to buy and give credit to a magical fat man. I eat it all up. Christmas without the Christ is fine with me.

So, thank you corporate America for taking a holiday away from the church! You can let them have back Easter- the chocolate is bad for my diet and really, what does a bunny have to do with eggs anyways?


Adi (td11) said...

My mom always says, "my duty is my religion."

i'm glad she's my mom.

Woody said...

this blog is so ________

Chris said...

freaking atheist!

Brian said...

wow, Chris, youre really something today