Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Goodbye Aaron and Jessica

Well both Aaron Rowand and Jessica Alba are off the market.

Reports are coming in that Rowand signed a 5 year 80 million dollar contract with the San Francisco Giants. Yup, 80 million smackers, almost as much as Torii Hunter! Crazy contracts by the Giants- last year was Zito and combined they'll be paying both 33 million dollars a year until 2013!! (one year before my 9 year old can drive!) I'll miss Aaron, but he costs too much and I'm glad that the Phils aren't making foolish decisions this year. It hurts to miss out on some players that we need, especially pitching and 3rd base but there's no need to screw yourself for years to come.

In a related story, Miss Alba (whom has an open invitation to sit on my face) is officially with child. Pregnant women are hot- they're usually horny when they're not puking and the best part is there's no such thing as more pregnant. Post partum, different story- but we still have a few more months to not worry about such things. What a slick move by her nobody boyfriend (he's just an assistant director)! He's got her wrapped up for a few years now. "I promise I'll pull out, honey." Score!

UPDATE: 60 million not 80 million is the amount- I should never believe it until the official source confirms it. Even still, 12 million a year is too much.

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