Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bankroll update

As of last night my tight play has bumped my online bankroll up to 62 dollars ($7.50 of it was released from bonus, which expires tonight- I doubt I'll reach the next release). I'm still playing the cap games but if I get to $100, I'll play the 5cent/10cent NLHE and buy in for 10 bucks. I had some rough patches but overall my play seems to be superior to the typical player at those levels.

I think the reason that I'll never hit the $10K goal is that the level of skill in the players at the higher levels is much greater than that of your typical casino player. At the Borgata, a $1/$2 NLHE game is a donkfest (poker slang for lots of bad players), but if you play at 1/2 online then you're usually playing against some really good players. (probably 18 years old and already has more experience than me) The players also tend to have the latest software tools that help them analyze their game and the other players and they play even more effeciently. If I do get up to that level I may invest in some of the programs.

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