Monday, February 4, 2008

I miss the animated beer bottles

The Bud Bowl was always the big highlight for me when I watched the Superbowl when I was in College. It wasn't a very expensive commercial and it was just pure stupid fun. Those are the type of commercials I find entertaining, so I really didn't find much exciting last night. I most certainly found the commercials fairly offensive for this day and age. (Pandas speaking with a Chinese accent?! WTF?)

I did enjoy the Tide talking stain commercial. I don't how often I get a little stain on my shirt and I feel like that's the only thing anyone is paying attention to. I enjoyed the Coke commercial with the parade balloons fighting over the Coke bottle. (Plus it was nice to see Charlie Brown catch a break for a change.) There were a few lightly enjoyable commercials but overall most were not up to stuff, so to speak. (The Audi/Godfather commercial was done so many times before, it was trite)

Oh, and the football game was pretty entertaining at the end. I'm glad to see the Pats flop on their faces and see the cheaters get their comeuppance. Sadly, the Eagles are now the only team in the NFC East to not get a Superbowl ring, let alone at least 3 like the Skins, Cowboys and Giants do.

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