Thursday, February 21, 2008

Case of the Blue-Rays

The dust has finally settled and Blue-Ray has won the high-def DVD battle. With me being a big movie watcher and especially a big at home movie watcher (when you have young kids you don't get to go see movies that aren't PG or G too often), you'd think I'd be rushing out right away to get my fancy and shiny new Blue-Ray player for my LCD high-def TV set.

Well, I guess you forgot what a cheapskate I am at times. I would hate to pay $300-400 now, when I know that in just a few months the price will probably drop to $200-250 and then come Black Friday you'll see a great deal at the Walmart for $88 from some weird electronics outfit that you've never heard of before. (I can picture names like Aiwony, Santhro, Yomikishu, and Mismachi- Japanese sounding but made in Hong Kong or Mexico)

There's something about feeling ripped off when you know that there's a better deal around the corner. The problem being is that often you wait and wait and wait and you never get the item and the next you know a brand new fancy and shiny invention comes along that replaces what you wanted in the 1st place. But you can't buy the new invention because it's too much and you know that it'll be cheaper if you wait.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

It's why buying a computer sucks. 2 weeks later and you see your computer cheaper or it has much better upgrades for the same price.

It's all a big conspiracy, I tells ya. Those Japanese are still pissed off at us for nuking their asses and having bigger penises.

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