Monday, February 25, 2008

Poker updates

Up and down game this past weekend in the regular Saturday tourney.

The good:

I came into the game with a goal- (I do this sometimes to work on my game skills) Successfully bluff someone who would be hard to bluff. In other words bluff a player who is loose aggressive and would usually call with weakish hands in a wide variety of situations. My goal was accomplished early in the tourney when I sat out the 1st 11 hands and then came in strong with 9 8 off suit and isolated a guy who was already trying to run the table over. I made him fold on the turn and he went into the tank for a long time. He said after I showed the bluff that he almost went all in.

Went into the game after the break/rebuy period as chip leader.

The bad:

Had my pocket kings busted by an any ace type of player when an ace hit the flop. Was all she wrote for me. I wouldn't be so frustrated with losing on a bad beat, but my chip lead was dwindled to the point that I had to move all in from some bad play and bad luck shortly after the break. I'm disappointed in myself for being impatient in some spots.

Since I had to wait for my buddy Dave to bust or win I decided to help deal. Then this one guy who I never played with before starts complaining about how I'm dealing. I was putting the flop and turn and river out face down after the deal. I usually don't do this while playing but the table was only 4-5 handed so I figured I could speed things up by dealing and having everything ready after the deal. So this guy starts complaining about it in a somewhat snippy fashion, so I told him I didn't want to ruffle his feathers and won't deal anymore. Turns out that Dave busted on the same hand so I was leaving anyways. Could've turned more ugly than it did. Just kinda ticks me off that I'm being helpful and someone cops an attitude with me when I'm helping when I didn't have to.

Also, more poker related news---

The bankroll challenge is officially over- not because I lost it all (I ended up with $51) but because I'm having a private tourney on Full Tilt for Phillies message board posters. But even if you're a Phillies fan you are welcome to come join us-

The tournament is Tuesday the 26th at 9:15 PM in a room called backshegoes, the password is herewegoagain and the buy in is $10+1 for a NLHE double stack game. Hope to see you there!

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Chris said...

I missed out on 3 straight months of 1st place. I settled for 2nd.