Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wii- Waaaaaaaahh!

The local Gamestop got in 7 Wii systems yesterday morning.

They sold out in an hour.

It's 2 months past X-mas and you still can't readily walk into a store and buy a Wii?!

WTF?! Doesn't everyone have one by now?

My wife, who isn't a video game fan in the slightest now wants one- so I'm trying to take full advantage of this fact before she changes her mind.

But the damn stores can't keep them in!!

I guess it's because other non-video game playing people like her also want a Wii.

To make matters worse, I keep hearing from friends who have a Wii about how freaking awesome it is and how it's the greatest game system ever.

I refuse to over pay on Ebay and will not buy a huge bundle pack of extra crud that I don't want. So, I'll wait some more and make more calls until I find one.

Bitch bitch bitch

moan moan moan


Chris said...

there are older ladies at my job that have Wiis. One told me that she loves the boxing because she gets a workout. Another said she likes the cooking game!! A FREAKING COOKING GAME!

Nintendo has outdone themselves.

Brian said...

If they could only meet the demand....