Friday, February 1, 2008

Go injuries!!

As an Eagles fan, I have no real rooting interest in either team in this weekend's Super Bowl. Even worse is the fact that I despise both teams that are in it. I guess you could say that I am rooting for good commercials, spectacular Theisman-like injuries and naked titties during the halftime show.

My interest in the Super Bowl has faded exponentially since the Eagles lost to the cheating Patriots a few years ago. I'll be surprised if I watch the whole thing. So if you really want to read a blog about Super Bowl Hype then I suggest you skip this and go somewhere else.

Oh- too late- this post is already over- hahaha tricked ya!


Major Otis said...

I'm rooting for both teams to lose.

Brian said...

I do have to admit that seeing the Pats lose after going undefeated would make my heart feel warm. I just couldn't stomach seeing NYC get yet another championship.