Monday, January 21, 2008

6 degrees of Napster

Napster has a feature that lets you know the 20 most popular artists that are liked by other people who also like the artist that you're currently looking at.

So in the spirit of Kevin Bacon I decided to pick one of my favorite bands and see how far I could go astray by looking at "also enjoyed by people who like..." 6 times.

Let's start with Phish

1-apparently people who enjoy Phish also seem to enjoy Jack Johnson

not exactly my cup of tea but he's not bad and I like Curious George as much as the next guy.

2-apparently people who enjoy Jack Johnson also seem to enjoy The Wallflowers

I like that one hit they had a few summers ago, One Headlight, so far we're not too far off course.

3-apparently people who enjoy The Wallflowers also seem to enjoy R.E.M.

now we're talking- R.E.M. has always been a favorite of mine- can't say that they resemble Phish all that much however...

4-apparently people who enjoy R.E.M. also seem to enjoy Green Day

hmmm...quite punkish

5-apparently people who enjoy Green Day also seem to enjoy The Ramones

I wanna be sedated. I actually saw these guys in concert before half the band kicked the bucket.

6-apparently people who enjoy The Ramones also seem to enjoy The Misfits

There you have it-

Phish is 6 degrees away from The Misfits

Wading in a Velvet Sea is 6 degrees away from Dig Up her Bones

A fun journey with a few good stops on the way.

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