Friday, January 25, 2008

Son of 6 degrees of Napster

Just because I'm bored on a Friday night-

Let's start with an old favorite of mine Cat Stevens (yeah, yeah, he's a terrorist now, blah, blah, go read snopes ya ignorant hick) He created many beautiful songs with a message mainly of comprised of peace and love.

1-apparently people who enjoy Cat Stevens also seem to enjoy Carole King

Well this makes sense- both are considered among the greatest singer/songwriters of the 70's.

2-apparently people who enjoy Carole King also seem to enjoy Elton John

hmmmmm...we've quickly went from meaningful to schmaltzy- Not that it's a bad thing, Elton does schmaltzy very well.

3-apparently people who enjoy Elton John also seem to enjoy Michael Jackson

At first glance this seems to be a weird connection, but remember both artists hit their peak in the 80's. But we seem to be getting further away from the message.

4-apparently people who enjoy Michael Jackson also seem to enjoy Britney Spears

Say what? Although, it's really no surprise- both are huge pop stars from their eras, both are famous for their over the top videos, both are in the tabloids 24/7 and both are whackos. But at least Michael sang of love sometimes, Britney seems to ooze sex and sluttiness.

5-apparently people who enjoy Britney Spears also seem to enjoy Jessica Simpson

Just when you thought you couldn't get any more vapid....

6-apparently people who enjoy Jessica Simpson also seem to enjoy The Spice Girls

There you have it- Cat Stevens is just 6 degrees away from The Spice Girls

Katmandu is 6 degrees away from Wannabe

I wish that Cat's songwriting ability were further away from the manufactured pop of the 90's.

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