Friday, January 25, 2008

Reconnecting the dots

This June I'll have been out of high school for 20 years.

(I hate the sound of that- I feel so old)

Despite the fact that I will not attend my 20 year reunion this fall, I have been slowly recontacting many old high school friends. Some even found me. I figure most of my friends or people I'd be interested in seeing again wouldn't attend the reunion either or they were in a different class. Many of my friends in my senior year were juniors and some, including my girlfriend, were sophomores. I guess I was too immature for my own peers.

Over the past year, I've slowly amassed a decent chunk of my old friends back again. Most of us have jobs, kids, spouses (some even married each other), and are productive members of society. Heck, some even are award winning members of society. (I'm like a proud father) It's been great hearing what everyone's been up to and what their kids are like. I even have fun bragging that I'm vice-president of a multi-million dollar corporation (don't get too excited- it's the family biz).

So, as anti-reunion attending as I've become, I am hosting a dinner for 6 ex-high school classmates of mine tomorrow night. Hopefully it'll be like old times, except for the fact that we'll have alcohol and no worries about getting busted by our parents. Although, I suppose it would be awkward for my wife if I start making out with my old girlfriend, so I guess I shouldn't plan on making it much too much like old times. (note to Lynn- I'm Kidding!!)

I plan to get an even bigger get together some time in the summer as I know I can get even more old friends to come. Strange how comforted I've felt reconnecting with old friends, I wonder why I've even lost touch in the first place.


Anonymous said...

the making out would be awkward for the old girlfriend too.

Brian said...

well, so much for nostaglia

Mr. Odney said...

It's making me feel awkward just having the image in my head, but I am very, very suggestible.

I AM very suggestible!

I, for one, am very glad you found me. And if you have a gathering toward the end of the summer (August) when I'm not in production, I can come.

Brian said...

When you visit Andy we'll definitely have to play spin the bottle